In the “Why I Chose OT” series, we highlight the motivations and career paths of OTs and OTAs in the field.

Christopher Liberati, COTA

I Chose OT…

for simply one reason – to change the world, one person at a time.

I am very passionate about helping others, and I am a people person and find it easy to connect with people. I find satisfaction in helping others and there’s no greater feeling when a patient or a client is so appreciative and you see their progression throughout their ailment.

My Impactful Experience Working in OT

One of my impactful experiences was with a stroke patient.

Following a hospital visit, my patient suffered a severe stroke affecting the left side of the brain causing right-sided hemiplegia (paralysis to one side of the body). He was unable to complete his activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), things that brought purpose to his life. It uprooted his life and changed it drastically. While working with him at the skilled nursing facility, I was really impacted positively by assisting him with regaining the function on the right side, helping him walk again, cook again, and do several things that brought meaning to his life.

Through the course of treatment, I was able to meet one of his loved ones, who was there every day, and I was able to see him not only as patient, but as a whole human being, putting the pieces back together.

My Favorite Occupation

Creating, adapting, and educating about adaptive techniques and accommodating for disability. I enjoy seeing in my current practice setting and, in the community, various adaptive ideas, adaptive equipment, devices, and adaptive structures that allow individuals accessibility for their occupational engagements. Whether it’s making a splint, providing adaptive techniques, dressing, or adapting an environment, I love to be creative and ultimately bring back purpose and meaning to individuals.

Christopher participating in one of his occupations – making a splint. 


Parkland College Champaign, IL COTA/L
Currently in OT school at Maria College with an expected graduation in 2025


Baptist Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation in Scotia, NY, working full time 30 hours and going to school for my MSOT

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