Occupations are the activities that people do every day to give their life meaning and purpose. Occupations can be done alone or with family members and friends. These activities can be related to: 

  • Taking care of your body: Bathing, dressing, eating, sexuality, hygiene, toileting, etc. 
  • Supporting daily living within the home and community: Care of others or pets, driving, shopping, meal prep, communication management, etc. 
  • Rest and sleep to support healthy, active engagement in other occupations: Engaging, preparing, participating in sleep
  • Learning and participating in the educational environment: School participation or personal education
  • Committed occupations with or without financial reward: Ensuring you have the skills necessary to perform tasks related to work 
  • Activities that provide enjoyment, entertainment and amusement: Play exploration and participation
  • Leisure: Golf, playing cards, exploring, etc.
  • Desired engagement in community and family activities: Family time, friends, peers, etc.